Our Story

Let us tell you the story of how we started Appaluzo, a brand that's close to our hearts.

As parents of a young child, we always wanted to give our kid the best of everything. But when it came to clothes for playtime, we noticed that there weren't many options available that were specifically designed for kids. Most brands simply made smaller versions of adult clothes and called it a day.

That's when we had an idea: what if there was a brand that made clothes designed for kids, inspired by kids? We wanted to create clothes that were comfortable, durable, and perfect for active play. But we also wanted them to be sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet and we wanted to teach our child about this too.

But our vision for the brand didn't stop there. We wanted to inspire kids to lead healthy and active lifestyles. In a world where screens are taking over and childhood obesity rates are on the rise, we wanted to create something that would encourage kids to move their bodies and develop healthy habits.

So, we got to work. We researched and experimented with new fabric technologies to create clothes that were both functional and environmentally conscious. We wanted to use materials that were safe for kids and the planet. And after months of hard work, we launched the brand.

With each item of clothing we sell, we hope to inspire kids to play, learn, and grow. We want to create a community of parents and kids who share our values and believe in the power of sustainable, active living.

With our hearts poured into this brand, we've not just created a clothing brand but have started a movement. A movement that's all about inspiring kids to be their best selves, while taking care of the planet we all call home.